Mission Statement

Fellow human beings, drop your things -- feed your soul! Make something, fight for a cause, write a song, a letter, or poem for someone. Say a prayer, share a song or a film with a friend. If it's the last thing you do on earth, sing your life ;-)

This is the mantra of Nervous People -- a loose collective of artists/friends who enjoy making art in many forms. The core founder of the collective is Exit Clov, a band we started in the summer of 2003. We decided to form Nervous People after realizing that Exit Clov wasn't our sole project -- over the last 6-7 years, we've branched out individually as musicians & songwriters, crafters, audio engineers, writers, producers, entrepreneurs and even web & graphic designers.

Thus was born Nervous People, the name of the monster we've created to embody this collective madness and creative energy. It brings together all of the far-reaching endeavors of the Exit Clov family as we combine forces with other artists in our communities.

The Nervous People Collective is bound by the notion that art can be everything from a healing elixir or a force for social good to pure joyful recreation. The idea is to use art to quell and wrestle with the excess noise in our busy lives. Things move fast in this day and age, and you find yourself working furiously to filter out the important things in life. We hope you enjoy what you see and hear.

aaron, brett, emily, john & susan

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